Bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey
The Historical Relationship Between Redbreast Whiskey And Jameson
When it comes to Irish whiskey, two names stand out above the rest: Redbreast and Jameson. The two actually share a history that dates back to around the 1870s.
Before the name "Redbreast" emerged in the 1900s, the whiskey was produced by W&A Gibley, a company that imported and distilled wine.
These wine sellers, also called "bonders," acquired whiskey from distilleries and sold it under their own brand. G&A Gibley chose John Jameson & Son as their supplier.
W&A Gilbey began aging and repackaging John Jameson & Son's whiskey in 1887 under the name Castle Grand Whiskey. It was around 1903 that Redbreast came into existence.
Then, in 1912, Gilbey's released "Redbreast J.J. Liqueur Whiskey 12 Years Old," whose name was inspired by the Robin Redbreast bird.
The Redbreast whiskey available today isn't the same as the one produced a century ago. In 1985, Gilbey's stopped making Redbreast whiskey and sold the brand to Irish Distillers.
Irish Distillers, the company that owns Redbreast, also owns the Jameson brand. However, each brand maintains its unique recipe, which you can taste in
the distinct flavors.