Pouring French press coffee into a cup on a black table.
The French Press Hack For More Robust Coffee
To get even more out of your French press, pour only half the water you would normally use over your grounds and stir continuously for one minute, allowing the coffee to bloom.
"Blooming" is when boiling water is poured onto coffee grounds, creating carbon dioxide bubbles. This helps to enhance the flavor and ultimately create a better taste.
An ideal bloom uses just enough water to thoroughly saturate the grounds. The rest is added after a brief moment of waiting for the bubbles to rise and escape.
After a full minute of submersion and stirring, pour the rest of the water into your French press, put the lid on, and allow the coffee to steep for another three to four minutes.
Then, just plunge slowly as you normally would, and enjoy your robust, rich cup of coffee. Be sure to only use coarsely ground coffee in your French press.