Jacques Pépin poses for a photo
The Flipping Technique Jacques Pépin Uses For Perfectly Browned Roast Chicken
To achieve an evenly-cooked roasted chicken, chef Jacques Pépin suggests routinely flipping that whole chicken in its pan so each side receives equal, ample time on the heat.
In a video tutorial for KQED, Pépin explains that "the leg is longer to cook than the front," so he gives the legs a head start before he flips his chicken right-side-up.
He cooks the first side of the chicken for about 20 minutes at 425 degrees F. From there, he turns the bird and repeats the process on the other leg for the same duration of time.
Finally, he cooks the meat when it's flat in the pan for another 20 minutes, at which point he bastes it. This hands-on approach minimizes the dangers of undercooked meat.
After the accumulation of those three, 20-minute stages, the chicken should be done and ready to rest for a few minutes before being carved and enjoyed.