Root beer float overflowing onto table.
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The First Step For The Best Ice Cream Floats Is Customizing Your Soda
When making ice cream floats, root beer is the classic choice, but you can have more fun with other options like Fanta, Sprite with grenadine, or your own soda made with seltzer.
Adding flavored syrup to seltzer for an all-original soda lets you control how sweet your drink is, and you can mix and match flavors. You can buy these syrups, or make your own.
For a syrup made of fruit juice, boil your juice until it reduces by half and thickens to a syrupy consistency, then mix it into seltzer and pour the soda over your ice cream.
To make an herb-infused syrup, boil water and add an equal amount of sugar, let it dissolve, then add herbs and let it boil for about a minute before steeping it for a few hours.
SodaStream sells many flavors for seltzer and sodas, including brand names and a collection of off-brand flavors, and Torani makes a wide range of non-alcoholic flavored syrups.