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The Fermentation Method That Makes Crémant Different From Prosecco
Prosecco and crémant are often considered interchangeable, but there are some key distinctions, partly due to the different fermentation processes used to create them. While crémant tends to be less expensive than prosecco, it also has a different taste and “fizz factor.”
Prosecco is fermented using the Charmat method which creates the drink's delicate flavor profile and lighter, spritzier bubbles with less of a sparkle factor. That is why you'll see "frizzante" (semi-sparkling) on the bottle label, which means it's less fizzy.
By contrast, crémant — like champagne — is made using the French "traditional method" of double fermentation. This slower process gives crémant more lasting bubbles than prosecco and adds desirable flavor notes such as "lemon, apple, honeysuckle, and brioche."
In short, crémant is earthier and richer than prosecco with a satiny fizz while prosecco is a lighter, fruitier, and sweeter drink. With prosecco, you get playfulness; with crémant, you get depth, so make sure to invite them both to your next wine-tasting party.