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The Fast And Easy Breading Method For Crispy Cutlets
Cutlets, or thin, boneless pieces of meat that are breaded and fried, are beloved around the world, with many countries having their own delicious versions. Besides deep-frying, one of the hardest and messiest parts of making cutlets is the breading process, a step that can be significantly simplified with one special technique.
Instead of messily dragging the meat through bowls of flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs, try pounding ground meat right into the breadcrumbs, as chefs do in Bolivia for their fried meat cutlets. Ground meat is neither too wet, which can make breadcrumbs soggy, nor too dry, which would require bonding agents like egg and flour.
To try this technique, simply form ground meat into balls, press them down into a plate full of breadcrumbs into a flat cutlet-like shape, coat the cutlets evenly, and season before frying. After this one-step breading process, you'll have hot and crispy cutlets ready to enjoy with little to no cleanup to slog through afterward.