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The Extra Step To Add Crunch To Oatmeal Cookies
Oatmeal cookies aren't a favorite for everbody, especially when raisins are involved, but that doesn’t mean they should be written off entirely. The secret to an oatmeal cookie’s success is in a perfect crisp yet chewy consistency, and to give your next batch a bit of extra crunch, you need to be sure to include this step.
Adding more texture to your oatmeal cookies is as simple as adding a crunchy coating by rolling balls of cookie dough in a mixture of leftover oats and demerara sugar, a type of coarse, light brown cane sugar. The oats lend a pleasantly rugged exterior to the cookies as they bake, while the sugar gets crispy as it caramelizes.
It’s important to give the oats a quick pulse in the food processor before combining them with the sugar and coating the cookies, which creates an even better mouthfeel and a prettier appearance. This extra step is almost guaranteed to change the mind of anyone who claims to dislike the humble oatmeal cookie.