Icing being poured over a sheet tray of cinnamon buns.
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The Easy Way To Boost The Flavor Of Canned Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamon rolls are a near-perfect breakfast food, but making them from scratch takes some time. This is why many American households rely on canned cinnamon rolls that only require some assembly and a quick stint in the oven, but with this one handy technique, you can make rolls that are convenient and taste amazing.
After putting your readymade cinnamon rolls in a baking dish, melt some butter and stir in brown sugar and ground cinnamon until the mixture is syrupy and spoonable. Drizzle this mixture on top of the rolls, cover the dish with foil, and pop it in the oven, where the topping will caramelize to create a warm, sweet crispness in every bite.
If you want even crunchier tops, you can also sprinkle granulated or turbinado sugar on the tops of your freshly-baked rolls and take the blow torch to it for a nice brûléed effect. If you don't own a blow torch, just pop the sugar-topped rolls back into the oven and broil on high until they've reached the level of caramelization you like.