A Keurig machine on a table
The Donut Shop Keurig Coffee Pods You Shouldn't Waste Your Money On
After testing 20 Keurig K-cup brands, our results showed that there's one you should steer clear of: The Original Donut Shop's Twix-flavored coffee.
A Tasting Corner writer tried it without milk, cream, sugar, or other additives for a true tasting, citing its lack of coffee flavor and a "weirdly chemical aftertaste."
This may be due to its artificial ingredients. It's intended to have flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, and toasted shortbread, per its product description, but it falls short.
This K-cup variety is also a light roast, rather than a medium or dark roast, which is probably why our writer didn't taste a deep coffee essence.
We only rated this specific Twix-flavored coffee as the worst, and we're sure the brand's other types of K-cups taste fine for some coffee drinkers.