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The Difference Between Soju And Shochu
What is Soju?
Soju is a clear South Korean alcohol that is traditionally made from distilled rice and wheat, although modern iterations use potatoes and tapioca. The name translates to “burned liquor,” because its 35% ABV creates a burning sensation as you drink it, but there are also sweeter, diluted versions that are more drinkable.
What is Shochu?
Shochu is a clear Japanese liquor made from rice, barley, or sweet potatoes. The main difference between soju and shochu boils down to purity. Shochu is distilled only once, and its rice grain base is fermented first; once done, it’s illegal to add any additives, giving it a pungent flavor and an ABV between 25% and 37%.
Soju and shochu are both delicious on their own or in cocktails. Unflavored soju is crisp and mild, making it a neutral choice for any mixed drink, or you can opt for a flavored soju to add depth to your drink. On the other hand, shochu is pungent with a smooth taste on the finish, making it an excellent swap for any dry liquor.