Gin and tonic cocktail
The Difference Between Drinking Gin With Tonic
Vs Soda
Two-ingredient drinks like the gin and tonic enable experimentation, with a new rendition emerging by a simple exchange of tonic for soda water.
Tonic water boasts a deceptively bold palate. Flavored with bitter quinine, sweet syrup, and other botanicals, it exhibits a dry, sweet, and floral taste.
Soda water is simply carbonated water, so it doesn't have a taste. The mixed drink turns into
an undiluted highball, allowing the flavors of the spirit to
take center stage.
With soda water, there's no sugar nor botanicals to interplay with the liquor. The carbonation really amplifies the gin's
complex palate, making it
ideal for sampling new gins.
Soda water dilution can struggle with gins that have an overly juniper flavor, whereas tonic water creates a more sippable flavor.