Large cast iron pan
The Difference Between Artisan And Mass-Produced Cast Iron Skillets
Some cast iron skillets are mass-produced, while others are hand-crafted by artisans, leading to differences in production method, performance, and versatility in the kitchen.
Manufactured cast iron skillets are made in mass, resulting in skillets with uniform thickness that are ideal for everyday cooking tasks like frying and searing.
Because they’re mass-produced, they tend to have a rougher surface, which makes cleaning harder, and they tend to develop surface imperfections and seasoning issues over time.
On the other hand, artisanal cast iron skillets, which are made and shaped by hand, often have a smoother surface and lighter weight, making them easier to wield.
The pans are then polished, meaning they quickly become non-stick and are easier to season, adding depth of flavor to dishes. Plus, they hold up to prolonged heat better.
Overall, manufactured cast iron is perfect for daily tasks and practical use, but if you’re a passionate cook, investing in an artisan cast iron skillet may well be worth it.