Wooden bowl of fried eggs with bacon and a sprig of thyme
The Difference Between American And Full English Breakfast
The United States and the United Kingdom are both home to iconic breakfast spreads, and while the two meals share some similarities, they’re ultimately quite different.
A full English breakfast dates back to 15th century upper-class country estates where it was created to showcase culinary wealth by serving a variety of foods.
Also known as a fry-up, the meal primarily consists of meat like sausage or bacon, fried tomatoes, fried or toasted bread, eggs, and baked beans.
Other important additions include black or white pudding and a dish called bubble and squeak, which is made of leftover potatoes, cabbage, and other veggies.
The meal is more formal, so while there is room for additions from crumpets or pancakes to pork chops and even herring, the meal usually has the same basic outline.
On the other hand, American breakfasts are more variable, often including a range of choices from sweet waffles or pancakes to eggs, toast, bacon, and potatoes.
There are also regional options like biscuits and gravy in the south, Texas’s migas made of eggs, fried tortillas, beans, and chorizo, or the Midwest’s breakfast casseroles.
Interestingly, while potatoes are often seen as an integral part of American breakfasts, the starch has been mostly excluded from the British version other than bubble and squeak.