Chef Michael Symon is seen during a demonstration.
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The Cut Of Steak Michael Symon Says
Is King
Michael Symon is the culinary king of Cleveland who has been winning awards for his innovative cooking since 1998. The chef specializes in meat and is skilled at cooking up a fine cut of beef, as evidenced by his restaurant Mabel's BBQ, and there is one steak cut in particular that he says reigns supreme.
If you love a steak that has plenty of delicious fat as well as tenderness, go with a bone-in ribeye, which Symon loves to cook using a reverse sear. "To me, [it's] maybe the king of steak," the chef says. "It has the perfect balance between tenderness and a good amount of marbleization and fat, which I love in a steak."
To reverse sear, Symon cooks the steak with aromatics like rosemary and garlic in a relatively cool oven until its internal temperature is just right from edge to edge. Then, he turns things up by getting a cast iron pan ripping hot and searing the steak quickly to obtain a beautiful crust, followed by a butter basting.