Close-up of tacos with drizzly sauce
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The Creamy Ingredient That Will Take Your Tacos To New Heights
Sour cream is a popular taco topping, and so is crema, colloquially known as Mexican sour cream. Crema can also be used as a base to create an even better taco condiment.
Mexican adobo sauce made from dried chiles is often used as a marinade, but when combined with creamy, tangy, slightly salty crema, it makes for a powerhouse taco condiment.
Thanks to the dairy in crema, adobo crema manages to balance out spicy flavors while still having its own kick, and it also adds a certain brightness to rich tacos and burritos.
Consider adding some lime juice to the mixture for an additional burst of freshness, or some mayonnaise for additional creaminess if you like your tacos to be more filling.
While there aren't many flavors that adobo crema doesn't pair well with, certain ingredient choices will best highlight the complex heat and smokiness of the sauce.
Ground beef, shredded chicken, fried fish, or meats with a mild flavor like turkey work well with the sauce. A lightly-seasoned protein allows the crema to really stand out.