Dessert section at Costco
The Costco Dessert You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Aries are known for being both competitive and hot-headed. They tend to come out on top more often than not just like the cherry and cheese pastry from Costco’s bakery.
The pastry itself is plush and flaky and the sweet and tart cherry jam tastes like actual cherries, which is perfectly balanced by the creaminess of the cheese.
Tauruses are said to be notoriously stubborn and frequently indulge in self-care, which is why their Costco dessert is decadent and luscious butter pound cake.
Very few desserts rival the butter pound cake when it comes to indulgence. It’s simple and versatile, going with just about anything like strawberries, whipped cream, or ice cream.
Rumored to be two-faced, Geminis are very social and curious. That's why their dessert is Costco's famous peanut butter chocolate cream pie.
An undisputed fan favorite, this pie's graham cracker crust, creamy peanut butter filling, and chocolate mousse topping are all perfect for social-hopping Geminis.
Cancers may come off as cold and distant but they're big softies. They're all about comfort and comfort food, which aligns them with Costco's mini chocolate chip cookies.
Costco's miniature style not only tastes suspiciously better than Costco's regular-sized chocolate chip cookies, but their small size makes them extra cute.
Leos are known for their bright, summery personalities and their love of the spotlight. They're aptly represented by the sun and none other than Costco's mini lemon cakes.
These six cupcakes pack a
big, bold flavor. Each cupcake
is topped with creamy,
lemon-flavored icing and
filled with a dollop of zingy lemon curd.