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There's A Coffee Tip To Make Lattes At Home Without An Espresso Machine
Espresso is very concentrated, so it’s used in lattes to balance out the milk. You really can’t make espresso without a machine, but there is an easy way to get pretty close.
An effective method to recreate the flavor of espresso at home is to simply brew a much stronger cup of coffee. To start, stick with a coarse to medium-coarse dark roast.
From there, you can go right for a 2:1 or 3:1 water-to-coffee ratio, but it may be too bitter. The other way is to start at a normal-to-strong ratio of 15:1 and work your way down.
Another option is to double brew; for pour-over or French press, make a normal cup of coffee, then make a second cup using fresh grounds and the coffee you just brewed.