Roasted tomatoes in a pan
The Closest Flavor Substitute For Fire Roasted Tomatoes
The rich, smoky flavor of fire-roasted tomatoes can deepen recipes, but you can give dishes a similar flavor effortlessly by using canned tomatoes doctored up with smoked paprika.
While regular paprika can also liven up recipes, smoked paprika has that extra zing that closely resembles roasted tomatoes' toasty caramel flavor.
Open a can of tomatoes, add the spice to taste, and enjoy a smokier dish without turning on the grill. Start to add the spice slowly until you get the desired level of smoky heat.
Smoked paprika is made from red peppers air-dried over smoke. As the peppers' oils cling to the smoke and the paprika dries, the smoky flavor is locked in even when ground.