Aerial view of muffin tin filled with blueberry muffins
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The Clever Batter Trick For Unbeatably Juicy Blueberry Muffins
When making blueberry muffins, it’s common to toss the berries in flour to stop them from sinking, but this method can dry out the berries and make them chewy and disappointing.
To keep blueberries plump, moist, and properly suspended in muffins, dollop some plain, berry-free batter into each hole in your muffin tin before adding the berry-filled batter.
Placing berry-free batter into the tin first creates a cushion that will stop your blueberries from sinking to the bottom of the muffins, while also keeping them juicy and sweet.
Keep in mind that blueberries are mostly water and can get squished in the batter, so gently fold them into your muffin mix and stop mixing the second they're fully incorporated.
It also helps to create thick batter, since blueberries are most likely to sink when suspended in a thinner liquid, but layering in some plain batter first is always beneficial.