Two bottles of bourbon with an astrology wheel background
The Bourbon Brand You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
As the first of the zodiac calendar, Aries are hot-headed, competitive, and represented by the ram, so their natural bourbon pairing would be Stagg.
Just like Aries are fiery and straightforward, Stagg is a straightforward bourbon with intense flavors perfect for ordering neat on ice.
Represented by a bull, Tauruses are tough, stubborn, independent, and known to stick to a routine, so a glass of classic Jim Beam bourbon is perfect for them.
Available in dive bars and trendy new restaurants alike, Jim Beam is a ubiquitous, go-to bourbon that's sure to be as smooth and reliable as any Taurus.
Geminis are known to be social and curious with a bit of a two-faced reputation, making Jefferson’s Twin Oaks Bourbon their perfect choice.
Twin Oaks is a smooth bourbon with a strong woody, spicy finish that’s surprisingly well balanced just like Geminis.
Much like the crabs that represent them, Cancers tend to have hard shells that give way to loyal, caring friends, much like a glass of comforting Michter’s 10-year.
Just like Cancers are known homebodies, Michter's 10-year was left to rest another year before it debuted, delivering cozy, homey flavors that Cancers are sure to love.
Ruled by the sun, Leos often think the world revolves around them, and since they love attention, Barrell Bourbon’s Jamaican finish is their ideal bourbon.
Barrell Bourbon exudes all the qualities of Leos, with a slight island twist, thanks to Jamaican rum casks that give the bourbon a fruity sweetness perfect for summer cocktails.