Irish coffee in a glass on a wooden board with cinnamon sticks and a silver spoon
The Boozy Difference Between Gaelic And Irish Coffee
Irish coffee is made using Irish whiskey while Gaelic coffee is made with scotch. This makes for some significant differences between the two boozy drinks.
Irish whiskey is triple-distilled, must be aged for at least three years, and produced in Ireland. Either blended with grain whiskey or single malt, it's known for its smoothness.
Scotch whisky, on the other hand, is also made with barley, but it's typically twice-distilled and malted. It is known for its peat-forward smokiness.
In Gaelic coffee, the Scotch and sugar or simple syrup are combined in a separate glass and then poured into the coffee. The heavy cream is added last.
Preparing Irish coffee is much simpler. Irish whiskey is poured directly into the coffee, along with brown sugar or another sweetener, and is topped with floated cream.
Unlike Irish coffee, Gaelic coffee does not use coffee liqueur, making Irish coffee smoother and more dessert-like, while Gaelic coffee is bolder and smokier.