Two breakfast quesadillas stacked on top of one another
The Best Way To Cook Eggs For A Top-Notch Breakfast Quesadilla
To cook eggs for a breakfast quesadilla, fry them omelet-style before placing a tortilla directly on top. This technique is fast
and convenient, and doesn't sacrifice flavor.
Start by whisking the eggs together with seasonings like salt, pepper, chili flakes, or dried herbs. Then, grease your hot skillet and pour the eggy mixture into the pan.
Allow the egg to cook until
the top surface is still
underdone and liquidy. Then place a tortilla on top so it sticks to the egg before flipping the entire thing over.
Finally, add all of your favorite fillings before folding the
tortilla onto itself, like a calzone, to encase everything.
This trick guarantees fluffy, tender, and hot eggs. Moreover, as this method uses one tortilla instead of two, you'll be halving the total carbs, creating a lighter meal.