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The Best Type Of Wine To Pair With Eggs
Mimosas are a delicious and boozy addition to brunch, but some may prefer to pair their egg dishes with another drink, like wine. While pairing wine with eggs can be challenging and isn't very traditional, there are a variety of still and sparkling wines with a delicate flavor that won’t overpower the similarly subtle, yet rich taste of eggs.
The crisp acidity and bright flavors of light white wines offer a refreshing contrast to the richness of egg yolks, without overpowering the eggs completely, creating a harmonious pairing. One good pick is Pinot Grigio, whose subtle fruity notes of pear and apple make it an excellent choice for scrambled eggs and other simple dishes.
If you want to be more specific, the wine you choose should depend on the type of egg dish you’re eating. Rich and creamy dishes like eggs Benedict pair best with a brightly acidic Sauvignon Blanc, and if you just want to test the waters first with a more classic choice, any kind of light sparkling wine is a popular pairing with eggs.