Asian coleslaw in a blue bowl
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The Best Type Of Cabbage For A Balanced Coleslaw
Coleslaw can be jazzed up by adding ingredients like carrots, a handful of herbs, or crushed walnuts, but the most important element of coleslaw is undoubtedly the cabbage itself. The variety of cabbage you use can make a difference in your recipe, and one type in particular is best for classic coleslaw.
Both red and green cabbages have a great crunch that will do justice to your coleslaw, but the real difference comes down to flavor. Red cabbage is slightly peppery, while green cabbage offers a mild and vegetal flavor that borders on sweet, making it a clear choice for slaw with the right balance of flavors.
Also known as “cannonball cabbage,” green cabbage can be a blank canvas for rich and bold dressings as well as more delicate condiments, depending on how you like your coleslaw. By not distracting from other ingredients, green cabbage creates a better harmony, and also doesn't dye your dressing purple.