A hand holding an upside down bundt pan
The Best Method For Cleaning A Bundt Pan
A bundt pan's nooks, crannies, grooves, and crevices may leave behind baked-on residues that can feel impossible to clean. The best way to clean them is to soak them well.
The trick is to drizzle in a few drops of dish soap and use hot (borderline steamy) water. Additionally, they need to rest for an extended period — even overnight.
Once the soapy and sudsy water has helped loosen burnt residue, rinse and scrub whatever's left with a gentle yet tough silicone or nylon-bristled brush until the pan's spotless.
If it's still riddled with gunk and grime, dust some baking soda over the stubborn bits and continue scrubbing away. If all else fails, repeat the soaking and scrubbing process.