Overhead vie of espresso in coffee cup
The Best Homemade Espresso Relies On Your Ability To 'Temperature Surf'
To extract a perfectly-flavored espresso, turn to the process of temperature surfing, which can depend on the exact internal machinery and will vary based on the machine model.
Most home espresso machines share a boiler for coffee extraction and milk steaming, which require different temperatures. Temperature surfing attunes you to the heating process.
Temperature surfing is most relevant to single boiler makers without controlled temperature regulation. It's best if the machine has a system noting whether water is being heated.
It's critical to pull espresso at a time when the boiler's in the ideal range of 194 to 205 degrees F. This zone can be discovered through several iterations of trial and error.
Between rounds, flush through the group head sans coffee. While demanding, it's a crucial step that will yield the tastiest espresso with a domestic machine.