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The Best Cut Of Steak For Beef Fried Rice
Flank steak is perfect for beef fried rice thanks to its distinct grain that allows for easy cubing, providing pieces that absorb the flavors of the dish and keep a good texture.
The lean, quick-cooking nature of flank is another reason it is ideal. Stir-frying demands a cut that can be cooked swiftly over high heat, and flank steak fits the bill perfectly.
To elevate the flavor profile of flank steak for beef fried rice, marinating is key, and flank steak takes well to the assertive flavors associated with fried rice.
When it comes to preparing the steak, cutting against the grain is crucial. Make half-inch slices perpendicular to the grain of the meat to break down the muscle fibers.
Next, you’ll cut the slices into cubes and then heat neutral vegetable oil in a wok or skillet over high heat and sear the marinated flank steak until caramelized.
Once the flank steak has a solid color, introduce the other ingredients for your beef fried rice. The steak should integrate seamlessly without drying out.