An array of different Nespresso pods
The Best 2 Nespresso Pods To Make A Dreamy Latte Macchiato
If you want a Nespresso pod that will deliver the intended taste of a latte macchiato, look no further than the Volluto and Arpeggio pods.
Volluto's light roast and bright, nutty flavor balances the milk in a macchiato, while Arpeggio pods have the body and deep roast level to deliver a bolder cup.
To create a professional-looking macchiato with your Nespresso pod, start with a glass filled from a half to a third with warm, steamed milk, put in your pod, and hit the button.
Hold a spoon underneath the pour of the espresso to slow it down as it brews. If the lack of foam bothers you, just spoon some extra foam on top.