WASHINGTON - JULY 2:  Starbucks coffee paper cups are displayed July 2, 2003 in a Starbucks coffee shop at Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. Starbucks' stocks advanced $1.67 to $27 after the company announced its June sales widely exceeded Wall Street's expectations.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
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The 34 Most Popular Starbucks Drinks, Ranked Worst To Best
Pike Place Roast
Pike's Place, named after the original Starbucks shop in Seattle, is a distinctive medium roast that falls somewhere in the middle of the road in terms of coffee strength. You can always count on a good, fresh cup because the coffee is freshly ground before brewing and brewed again every 30 minutes.
Caffè Americano
This hot beverage, which is made from espresso and hot water, dates back to World War II, when American soldiers in Italy would dilute their coffee because the espresso was too strong. Similar steps are used to make the Caffè Americano at Starbucks, which consists of two shots of espresso and water.
One of the oldest drinks on the Starbucks menu, the cappuccino, has been available since 1986. A Starbucks cappuccino is created with one shot of espresso for a short and tall, and two shots of espresso for a grande and venti, followed by half steamed milk and half milk foam on top.
Star Drink
The Star Drink is a relatively new addition to the Starbucks Refresher roster, making its debut in 2020. Made with coconut milk and the kiwi star fruit refresher drink as a base, this drink is one of the sweetest on the menu, with 23 grams of sugar for a standard grande size.
Dragon Drink
With a balanced amount of caffeine, the Dragon Drink is quite successful in its claim to be an afternoon pick-me-up. Although it doesn't contain any mango ingredients, a drink that is described as having a strong dragon fruit flavor actually only tastes strongly of mango.