Photo taken in Bühlertal, Germany
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The 19 Best Root Beer Brands, Ranked
Old Rhode Island
This root beer is made with molasses and has a flavor that’s fruity, spicy, and deep, but the strong black of wintergreen that makes it slow to drink. The ultimate drawback to this bottle is the short life span of the carbonation, and reviews are scattered all across the board.
Put on the market in 1940, Mug is a good root beer to rely on, but unfortunately, that’s all there is to it. You can rely on this one for the classic root beer taste, but it lacks the creaminess or bite of other brands and doesn’t stand out due to its watery feel and low flavor intensity.
Dog n Suds
While this brand has plenty of pleasing qualities, pride is its downfall; it bills itself as the world’s creamiest root beer, yet many drinkers are left wanting more creaminess. You’re more likely to enjoy Dog n Suds' more highly-reviewed "drive-in" root beer, sold at their midwest locations.
A&W focuses on instant satisfaction, and they’ve climbed their way to fame using their satiny and creamy texture. It's not the pinnacle of root beer's potential, but it's a classic, and if you find an A&W restaurant near you, you can taste root beer that's even fresher than the standard.
Sioux City
Debuting in 1871 as the “the granddaddy of all root beers,” this brand excels in historical value but falls short in flavor. It has rich body, but inconsistent flavor and carbonation plus low emphasis on cream, and lots of debate about its aftertaste (but none say it's great).