Vegan hamburger on a handmade ceramic plate, made of zucchini, green pea, seasoning, herbs and spices, close up
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The 14 Best Plant-Based Options At Popular Fast Food Chains
Taco Bell
Taco Bell’s Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme is a great menu item for meat eaters and vegans alike. It's filling, delicious, and contains a variety of ingredients wrapped up into one crunchy pocket of flavor, and to make it vegan, simply modify the order by swapping the nacho cheese and sour cream for guacamole.
Burger King
Next time you swing by a Burger King, order the plant-based Impossible Whopper and omit the cheese and mayonnaise. If you're worried about your patty being cooked on the grill with meat burgers, you can ask the worker to microwave it, but they still can't fully promise that there has been no cross-contamination.
White Castle
White Castle has broadened its horizons to include a plant-based Impossible Slider to go with its famous beef sliders, and though the flavor varies slightly from the original, it’s just as crave-worthy and delicious. These little sliders can go from vegetarian to vegan by requesting that the cheese be removed.
Dunkin’ provides hummus and avocado toast menu items that are popular among vegans and meat eaters alike. Both the avocado spread on sourdough toast or hummus and roasted tomatoes on toast are great options for folks looking to lower their cholesterol or move away from the bacon craze.
Chipotle has a wealth of vegan options, but for a meat alternative that tastes pretty darn close to the real thing, the sofritas are the superior option. The sofritas is a tofu-based crumble that is also gluten-free, and can be a fantastic meat replacement for those looking for a hearty, flavorful, vegan-friendly option.