Multiple wraps on a wooden serving board
Switch Up Your Wraps With These 18 Tortilla Alternatives
Pita Bread
Pita bread is one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy a wrap. It's a perfectly pliable bread that is easy to wrap around an array of fillings.
It's made with traditional bread ingredients like flour, yeast,
oil, sugar, and salt, so it tastes similar to a flour tortilla. It
can also hold toppings
without disintegrating.
Cloud Bread
Popular on social media for its adherence to the keto diet, cloud bread resembles a glorified meringue made with eggs, cream of tartar, salt, and cream cheese.
Pancakes are much thicker
and fluffier than your standard tortilla. You'll need to make sure they are flat and pliable
to carefully wrap them
around your fillings.
You can also make savory pancakes with herby additions like parsley, thyme, and cilantro. Or, add a bit of sourdough starter to your pancake batter to give
it a distinct tang.
Flattened Sandwich Bread
Flattened sandwich bread
is a wonderful substitute
for tortillas. Skip the grain
and seed bread for this hack because they won't roll
out as well.
Nori Sheets
Nori are seaweed sheets with a distinctly salty, straight-from-the-sea flavor, which pair best with sushi-adjacent fillings such as rice and seafood.