Two cubes of cornbread on wooden cutting board
Sweeten Up Your Cornbread With Simple Apple And Honey Additions
By adding apples and honey, you can turn cornbread into an effortless dessert. The apples will add a mild sweetness to the bread, and the juices will keep it moist.
Stick to an apple variety commonly used in baking, such as Cortland, Golden Delicious, or Granny Smith; these varieties hold up during cooking and offer a nice crisp flavor.
Meanwhile, the honey will elevate the sweetness a bit more. Use whatever honey is already in the kitchen, or try hot honey to temper some of the sweetness and add a spicy kick.
For one box of cornbread mix, ½ cups of grated apples and 2 tablespoons of honey should be enough. However, one medium apple might turn out a full cup when it's grated.
Add the prepared apples, honey, and other ingredients before the batter goes into the pan. Finally, cut thin apple slices to place on top of the cornbread.