Hands whisking together ingredients in a bowl
Super Easy 2-Ingredient Recipes That Are Fun To Make
Warm cream combined with chopped chocolate can be whisked into a gloriously thick and shiny sauce called ganache that hardens into more of a pudding as it cools.
Ganache is usually made with a 1-to-1 ratio of cream to chocolate, but that can be adjusted for a slightly thicker or looser final result.
Chocolate Mousse
To make a luscious chocolate mousse with just two ingredients, reach for good quality, sweetened (like semi-sweet or bittersweet) chocolate and eggs.
Simply melt the chocolate and whisk in the egg yolks to create a smooth base, then whip the egg whites to stiff peaks and fold them into the base. Chill the mousse to set.
Bacon-Wrapped Dates
Combining sweet and salty satisfies multiple cravings. Bacon-wrapped dates, a classic dish, can be filled with various ingredients like cheese or nuts.
Soft, plump dates and classic sliced bacon work best. Be sure to remove the date pits before you wrap them and to bake the bacon until crisp, but not burnt.
Ice Cream Bread
To make ice cream bread, bake a melted ice cream and self-rising flour mixture in a loaf pan until dry and golden. Feel free to experiment with different flavors.
The idea behind the combination of ice cream and self-rising flour is that each one is itself a mixture of ingredients that's usually found in cake recipes, anyway.
No-Churn Ice Cream
No-churn ice cream only requires heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk, the latter of which has a concentrated toasted milk flavor that adds a unique taste.
The heavy cream needs to be whipped into firm, stable peaks before it's folded into the condensed milk. The mousse-like result is then frozen until it's firm enough to scoop.