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Starbucks Star Signs Recommends A Drink Based On Your Zodiac Sign
For spring of 2023, Starbucks has announced that it has joined forces with Instagram account and horoscope app Sanctuary World to create a program called Starbucks Star Sign. On the web page, fans can see which springtime Starbucks drink they should order based on their zodiac sign.
This interactive website aims to foster a sense of connection among coffee lovers, and those who visit the site will be assigned a "spring color" and "spring flower" in addition to a Starbucks drink. Sanctuary World has released a series of graphics depicting Starbucks cups on their Instagram account in honor of the partnership.
On, you can simply select your star sign and the time of day you take your coffee break, using a slider between morning and afternoon. Each zodiac sign is also assigned three "power words" before their zodiac-themed drink is revealed, creating a unique experience for astrology-loving customers.