Iced lemonade with lemon slice garnish and lemons on a dark surface
Spike Lemonade With Bourbon For A Boozy Take On A Refreshing Favorite
When it comes to lemonade, bourbon lends a dimensional flavor profile that you miss with clear liquors. All you need is a budget-friendly bourbon that goes down smoothly.
Bourbons with top notes of vanilla, fruit, and honey pair particularly well with sweet-citrusy lemonade. Steer clear of smoky, woody, spice-forward bourbons.
Start with 1 ½ ounces of bourbon per 4 ounces of lemonade and adjust to taste from there. A Highball or Old Fashioned glass works best for this cocktail.
Elevate your bourbon lemonade with brown sugar and club soda, which add depth and instantly create a fizzy mouthfeel. Add some triple sec to round out the profile.
For a sweet finish, you could rim the glass with sugar and scrape a little fresh vanilla bean into the mix. Feel free to try other flavorful additions, such as fruits and herbs.