Bowl of Alabama white BBQ sauce.
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Spices To Elevate Your Alabama White Sauce
Invented in 1925 by BBQ icon Big Bob Gibson, Alabama white barbecue sauce is a staple of the American South, often enjoyed with freshly smoked chicken wings and drumsticks. Made of mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, salt, and pepper, its simple formula is still jam-packed with a complex tangy flavor, but there's still room for add-ins.
Nutmeg is a great simple addition to your Alabama white sauce, since it adds complex depth to many condiments and even a few savory delicacies like sausage and pasta, making it a good match with meat. Various kinds of mustards, from yellow to Dijon to dry mustard powder, can punch up the heat and tang of your sauce.
If you want to really pump up the heat, add a dash of your favorite hot sauce, and acidic vinegar-based sauces like Crystal's hot sauce or Tabasco go particularly well with white sauce. Keep additions to a conservative amount, and taste as you go — the main source of spice in the sauce should still come from the cracked black pepper.