Smoking cocktail in a glass with ice and orange slice garnish
Smoked Ice Cubes Are The Subtle Way To Add Bold Flavor To Your Drinks
Smoked ice cubes are made with water infused with smoke from wood chips. As they melt, they can impart an earthy, smoky essence to whatever alcohol they're in.
Smoked ice brings balance to many flavors, but the type of wood chips can also impact the flavor of the alcohol. For example, applewood will add sweetness to whiskey and bourbon.
On the other hand, a mesquite wood chip will give your drink a sharp, tangy charred taste that pairs perfectly with spicy tequila or sweet and smooth mezcal.
Additionally, you may want to try smoking your water with a citrus wood chip. This choice works well for citrusy cocktails, like a lemon drop martini, to bring out the lemon.