Smash burgers on a griddle
Smash Burgers Are Better Than Regular Burgers: Here's Why
What Are Smash Burgers?
Smash burgers are made with patties smashed on the grill as they cook, creating juicy, crusty, thin patties that can be stacked onto burger buns.
Fans love the caramelized exterior, juicy interior, and crispy crust of the burger. Plus, since they’re smashed and thin, they cook quickly and more evenly than regular patties.
Aside from preference, there’s a scientific reason for the superiority of smash burgers: the smashed patty surfaces give the Maillard cooking reaction maximum effect.
The Maillard reaction is when heat changes the structure of proteins in food, providing an umami flavor and a brown, caramelized surface, giving smash burgers a richer taste.
You may have noticed that classic burger patties are prone to curling up at the edges as they cook, and if cooked improperly, smash burgers can do the same thing.
To ensure an evenly cooked smash burger, with a juicy interior and crispy exterior, cook it on a flat-top griddle or a heavy-bottomed pan rather than right on the grill.
Best of all, smash burgers don’t rely on any fancy techniques or over-the-top ingredients to stand out. Unlike loaded burgers, smash burgers are tasty all on their own.
Smash burgers are delicious because they’re no-frills, so while you can load up on avocado or blue cheese, you’d be surprised by how delicious it is with simple, classic toppings.
Unlike regular burgers, every layer of a smash burger counts, so if you’re adding toppings, you should use them sparingly and evenly so they don’t overwhelm the patty.
Otherwise, you can tailor the burger to your preferences. You can load up on multiple patties to let the meat shine or layer on toppings to create a balanced taste.