Ghirardelli chocolate spread with caramel
San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square Is The Chocolate Factory We All Deserve
Ghirardelli started when Domenico "Domingo" Ghirardelli came to California to try his luck at prospecting. When it didn’t work out, he started selling chocolate.
He set up a general store in Stockton that supplied the 49ers with mustard, coffee, spices, and chocolate before buying Pioneer Woolen Mills and starting the chocolate company.
Ghirardelli Square received National Historic Register status in 1982, guaranteeing it would continue to be a beacon of chocolate for many future generations of chocolate lovers.
Inside The Mill
There's chocolate everywhere inside the mill, from the large Pick & Mix island holding every Ghirardelli flavor to the hot fudge sundae painted on the brick wall.
Behind tall panes of glass at the Chocolate Experience counter, dark and milk chocolate gushes from spigots, ready to be turned into giant chocolate bars laced with almonds.
19-Foot G
In the Original Ghirardelli Chocolate & Ice Cream Shop, you'll see the giant "G" that used to be located atop the square before being replaced by LEDs.
You can also see their antique chocolate machine, which Ghiradelli and his team originally used to make chocolate all those years ago.
Ghirardelli-On-The-Go is the place to visit when you want to grab a sundae, coffee, or hot chocolate but don't have time to sample chocolate or watch the magic happen.
While you can't pick your favorite flavors from a Pick & Mix island like in the other shops, patrons can still grab their favorite squares, cocoa powder, or full-sized bars.
Other Activities
Aside from all the chocolate, Ghirardelli Square has several restaurants, shops, and even an arcade and miniature golf course for visitors to enjoy.