Can of Red Bull
Ranking Red Bull Flavors From Worst To Best
13. Red Bull Sugarfree
Red Bull Sugarfree has the classic Red Bull taste, but also has a very fake sweetness to it, which is likely caused by the zero-calorie sweetener sucralose.
12. Red Bull Zero
Similar to the sugar-free version, Red Bull Zero is sweetened with sucralose, but the artificial flavor is less noticeable, bumping it up the list.
Compared to the sugar-free, Red Bull Zero tastes truer to the original, making it a better substitute if you want the taste of the original without the sugar.
11. Red Bull Sea Blue Edition
Not to be confused with Red Bull Blue Edition, the Sea Blue Edition supposedly has a juneberry flavor, but tastes more like mixed berries.
Along with the unexpected berry flavor, the drink has a lavender hue, making the "Sea Blue" and "Juneberry" labels odd and out of place.
10. Red Bull Green Edition
Despite the name, nothing about Red Bull Green Edition is green. With dragon fruit flavoring and a pinkish-purple color, the green label is out of place.
Although the drink is flavorful and refreshing, the "Green Label" is distracting, giving the drink an artificial dimension that’s hard to ignore.
9. Red Bull Red Edition
The Red Edition initially started as a rich cranberry flavor, but it has evolved into a watermelon flavor, even if the watermelon taste is slight.
The watermelon taste gets overpowered by the Red Bull flavor, giving the drink a strange, disorienting flavor that is at turns too strong and too weak.