Various Cutwater cans
Ranking Popular Cutwater Canned Cocktails From Worst To Best
8. Tequila Paloma
Cutwater puts its own spin on the Tequila Paloma, choosing grapefruit soda instead of grapefruit juice and soda water. As a result, the combination is quite mild.
Grapefruit soda is too subtle and leaves you wanting more grapefruit flavor to come through and mix with the tequila. Adding some lime and more juice may make this drink more fun.
7. Vodka Mule
Cutwater's vodka mule is essentially a Moscow mule because it's made with ginger beer, vodka, and lime. The mix is quite light and made for very easy sipping.
Vodka can be strong, but the main flavors here are lime and ginger beer, so it feels too easy going to be a cocktail. It's more balanced to enjoy like a seltzer or wine cooler.
6. Long Island Iced Tea
In Cutwater's Long Island, the cola flavoring feels a little flat but tequila, gin, rum, and vodka flavors blend to create a combo of brightness and bite.
5. Lemon Drop Martini
The Lemon Drop Martini balances sweetness, tart, and strength to create a sippable drink that is also widely enjoyable — unless you prefer a strong martini.
It's tasty and easy to drink but may feel a little like a lemonade as you continue drinking. If you want it to be stronger, have some vodka on hand to bring it to your level.
4. Lime Margarita
Lime Margarita, which has two shots of liquor, tastes much stronger than the other canned cocktails from the brand, akin to a drink enjoyed at a bar or lounge.
If you rim the glass with salt, this cocktail has the feel of a classic margarita recipe. The tequila is pronounced, but it can do with a greater lime flavor to truly stand out.