Six Bubly Burst flavors lined up in packaging
Ranking Every Flavor Of Bubly Burst Sparkling Water
6. Peach Mango
The peach mango Bubly has a candy-like peach flavor and a more natural mango flavor that don’t mesh well together, despite peach and mango often going well together.
The mildly chemically bitter flavor of the acesulfame potassium and sucralose artificial sweeteners is also more noticeable than in other Bubly flavors.
5. Watermelon Lime
This drink's strong fake watermelon flavor pretty much completely covered up the lime. However, the overall flavor was still pleasant.
The drink didn’t have much of an artificial sweetener taste, and the fruit flavorings felt better blended. This flavor is good for anyone who likes fake watermelon.
4. Tropical Punch
The tropical punch has a real peach flavor with mild hints of pineapple and orange. It's reminiscent of watered-down SunnyD with other fruit flavors blended in.
None of the flavors taste aggressively fake and they mix well. Unfortunately, with so many different fruits in the formula, the distinct taste of each one gets lost.