Stack of Rao's pasta sauce
Ranking 8 Rao's Jarred Pasta Sauce From Worst To Best
Pizza Sauce
Pizza sauce is essentially marinara sauce with extra spices and seasonings and a saltier, sweeter flavor. Although solid, Rao's Pizza Sauce isn't their best.
While this sauce from Rao's isn't bad by any means, it just doesn't measure up to the other sauces that the company has to offer.
Vodka Sauce
With vodka to brighten the tomatoes and creamy for a decadent dimension, vodka sauce is a richer alternative to simple marinara, but Rao’s Vodka Sauce is lacking.
Perhaps it’s because the sauce doesn’t contain cream, letting the tomatoes take center stage, but the sauce doesn’t live up to the standards of other Rao’s options.
Vodka Arrabbiata Sauce
Like their vodka sauce with added red pepper, Rao’s Vodka Arrabbiata Sauce is a hybrid of two classic sauces, but it misses the mark.
While the sauce accentuates the sharp, metallic tomatoes, it has a considerable sourness that makes it even more abrasive with too many dimensions for a single sauce.
Roasted Garlic Alfredo Sauce
In true Rao’s fashion, the brand's Roasted Garlic Alfredo Sauce is a great option that might just ruin all other store-bought alfredo sauce for you.
With simple ingredients, the sauce is sure to please even picky eaters. It only ranks lower on the list simply because Rao's other sauces are that much better.
Arrabbiata Sauce
With a bold, spicy flavor, arrabbiata is a take on marinara with added red pepper, and Rao’s Arrabbiata Sauce is an excellent store-bought example of the sauce.
In fact, Rao’s Arrabbiata has the same ingredients as their marinara with just added red pepper, meaning this sauce is sure to please, especially if you’re a fan of spice.