Bottles of chocolate liqueurs
Ranking 7 Popular Chocolate Liqueurs From Worst To Best
7. Mozart Dark
Despite a medicinal smell and runny consistency, Mozart dark chocolate liqueur mirrors the flavors of a dark chocolate bar well, sans the typical creaminess.
It leaves a runny, slightly acidic mouthfeel, but it doesn't leave a smoky aftertaste, which is a nice difference from some other chocolate liqueurs.
6. Mozart Strawberry
Mozart strawberry chocolate is sweet, with a taste similar to bubblegum. It has a thickness that’s less dense than Mozart White but richer than the dark.
After a few sips, the strawberry flavor of this liqueur just becomes akin to any generic fruity flavor, so it's not enough on its own to make a lasting impact.
5. Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit Spirits creme de cacao a la vanille has a strong scent of syrup and a welcoming chocolatey tone, with a hint of smoke to remind you that it's liqueur.
The liqueur has a very smoky taste and a prominent chocolate aftertaste. Once the smoky flavor settles, the milk chocolate warmth is what makes the liqueur tolerable.
4. Mozart White
Mozart white chocolate has a milder taste and a more favorable thickness than the dark chocolate, along with a milky flavor that has a hint of vanilla.
The notes combined make a sweet and poignant flavor profile that feels much smoother in the mouth than the dark chocolate or strawberry chocolate versions.
3. Bottega Gianduia
This liqueur has a thickness that lingers after every sip and is similar to chocolate syrup. It has a decadent and enjoyable taste, but it’s not very chocolatey.