bags of different kinds of marshmallows
Ranking 19 Marshmallow Brands From Worst To Best
19. Granny’s
The unpleasant odor of this brand solidified its spot in last place. The long, narrow, sticky marshmallows become chewy and hard after roasting.
18. Manischewitz
Like Granny's, this brand has a long shape and offensive smell and flavor, which is likely due to fish gelatin. However, it is much less sticky.
17. Lieber’s
Despite the bright packaging, this brand lacks taste and smell. The marshmallows taste a bit stale and chewy even after roasting.
16. Bowl & Basket
With a traditional fluffy shape, ShopRite's house brand is made with ingredients commonly used in processed foods. They are both sweet and bland.
15. Campfire
These marshmallows have a pillowy texture, but the flavor is almost undetectable. While they are soft, they are too chewy and sticky when added to s’mores.