A mug of coffee and various kinds of Nescafé instant coffee
Ranking 14 Nescafé Instant Coffee Varieties
14. Hazelnut
The artificially flavored coffee lacks genuine hazelnut essence. The coffee's aroma is pleasant, but you're better off using real hazelnut syrup.
This variety includes added sugar, which sets it apart from Nescafé's plain coffee options. The ingredients listed include caramelized sugar, not hazelnuts.
13. Decaf
Taster’s Choice house blend decaf is a great option for those who want coffee flavor without the effects. This product is
just a decaf version of
Nescafé's house blend.
The decaffeinated instant coffee has a similar flavor profile to the house blend, but is marred by a slightly off-putting odor, lacking the quintessential coffee aroma.
12. Ice Roast
Formulated to dissolve in either cold water or cold milk, this flavor is exceedingly mild, making for a more diluted iced coffee.
11. Gold Espresso
Prepared with a ratio of 1 teaspoon of coffee to 2 ounces of hot water, the crema that appears on top of the finished espresso is impressive.
The flavor does not meet the expectations for espresso. It blends with other, less distinct profiles and does not deliver a deep, rich espresso taste.
10. French Roast
If you prefer coffee with an ultra-strong flavor that isn't particularly pleasant but definitely definitive, Taster’s Choice French roast might be the best choice.