Array of boxed biscuit mixes
Ranking 12 Store-Bought Biscuit Mixes
12. Duncan Hines
Biscuit mixes are a great staple to pull out when dinner needs some extra oomph, but you’re better off skipping Duncan Hines' Dolly Parton buttermilk biscuit mix.
Available at Walmart, the biscuits put Dolly’s name to shame with their stodgy, lumpy texture and almost Ciabatta-like appearance with a bready structure and thick crust.
11. Carbquick Complete
The Carbquick Complete pancake and biscuit mix was almost three times as expensive as comparable options, dropping them down on this list.
Marketed as a keto-friendly option, the biscuits have a well-structured crumb, but retain too much moisture and remain dull and pale even after cooking.
10. Red Lobster
Red Lobster is renowned for its biscuits, but their honey butter biscuit mix doesn’t live up to the reputation of their classic cheddar bay biscuits.
The batter remains lumpy and the flour doesn’t disperse evenly, producing biscuits that have a dry, crumbly texture instead of an ideal fluffy, elastic crumb.
9. Southern Living
Southern Living biscuit mix showed a lot of promise with an easy-to-handle dough, but it comes with a high price tag paired with small portions.
Although the soft, buttery biscuits might be worth the price, they remain pale-looking, unappetizing, and lack the crumbly, fluffy texture you would expect.
8. Pioneer
Pioneer's buttermilk baking mix is perfect for biscuits and waffles, but the biscuit recipe is a little more labor intensive with worse results by comparison.
The biscuits require rounds of kneading to create a thick batter that results in poofy biscuits with an uneven rise, pale color, lackluster flavor, and stodgy, stiff texture.