Various brands of cookies and cream ice cream pints
Ranking 11 Store-Bought Cookies And Cream Ice Cream Brands
11. Halo Top
A pint of Halo Top cookies and cream ice cream only contains 310 calories, but it tastes very artificial and only has specks of thinly spread mashed cookies.
10. Gelato Boy
This ice cream had some well-blended cookies, along with bigger chunks, but they didn’t add much texture. The flavor was pretty generic but had a hint of saltiness.
9. Breyers
Breyers ice cream had a light mouthfeel, melted fast, and had a bit of a watered-down taste. On the other hand, the cookies were crumbly, soft, and chocolatey.
8. 365
The 365 brand of cookies and cream ice cream had a nice flavor and texture. The cookies themselves were good too, but there weren’t enough, and some were too mushy.
7. Dolcezza
Dolcezza's dulce de leche and cookies ice cream had near-perfect ice cream, but the "cookies" were pea-sized, crunchy chocolate-flavored balls instead of cookie chunks.