Box of Shake Shack burgers
Ranking 11 Shake Shack Burgers (One Option Clearly Won)
11. Grilled Cheese
Made with an inside out potato bun to provide a toasty char, this is a tasty grilled cheese, but since Shake Shack is a burger place at its core, it ranks last.
10. BLT
This tasty BLT comes with ShackSauce instead of mayonnaise, but with so many other great options on the menu, it's simply less impressive than the rest.
9. Avocado Bacon Burger
While the bacon shines here, the avocado doesn't add much. It provides good textural contrast, but the avocado could simply be left off this burger.
8. Shack Stack
Bulbous, cheesy mushroom is piled on top of the beef patty, making for a big, messy, spill-out-the-sides bite, resulting in more on the plate than in your mouth.
7. 'Shroom Burger
As one of the few meatless items on the Shake Shack menu, this burger is made with portobello mushroom caps stuffed with cheddar cheese, then breaded and fried.